And finally when in the UK “always look to petrucci 7

We love to see Music Man represented well at our favourite jp7 musicman music stores, and WA’s Music Park is no exception. If you’re looking for a top of the line limited edition Dargie Stingray, a Premier Dealer Network Gilded Stingray, or even one of the incredible new $395 S.U.B. series Silhouettes – it’s all there at Music Park.

jp7 bfr koa

One of the brightest points of Frankfurt Music Messe 2012 was jp7 guitar the sneak preview of the first Premier Dealer Network release of 2012 – Mahogany body basses and guitars with figured roasted necks, honeyburst finish, matching headstock, Pau Ferro fretboard with stainless steel frets and mother of pearl inlay – all for only a $500 upcharge on the price of a standard instrument!

jp7 bfr


King’s music is wow and he’s also an incredible singer songwriter. David Masters, Emily Masters and Ian Masters thanks soooo much for all your efforts on the road with us. And finally when in the UK “always look to the right first when crossing the road” I almost became windshield art more then then a few times.



Man dealers will be receiving their first instruments in February petrucci 7 string

New for 2011 – Music Man Introduces The Premier Dealer music man john petrucci 7 string Network Music Man has announced the addition of a new tier to their dealer network – The Premier Dealer Network. Members of the Premier Dealer Network will have exclusive access to extremely limited release premium quality Music Man instruments that showcase the highest level of quality and workmanship inherent to all Ernie Ball/Music Man instruments Click on the image to locate a Music Man Premier Dealer near you!

music man bfr 7

Ernie Ball Music Man get more and more artists calling them music man john petrucci 7 everyday to ask about the HH Albert Lee Model! From Bruno Mars guitarist Kenji Chan to Incubus’s Mike Einziger to The Devil Wears Prada’s Mike Hranica and Nick Diener of The Swellers!!

music man 7 string

Hot News from NAMM 2012 is that the Music Man Premier Dealer Network’s second release – the Gilded White Classic Stingray – is now being finished and readied to ship.Premier Music Man dealers will be receiving their first instruments in February.



petrucci bfr 7 showcases the highest level of quality

I first contacted Godfrey early December 2013 after finding music man jp7 bfr them listed as the official SbMM distributor for Singapore, and they even have a JP70 on stock, but with the Transparent Purple Burst (TPB) finish. So, yeh, I sent him an email and gave him a call, and he told me that he has 2 JP70 guitars arriving around mid-December, and one of them is the Trans Green finish. And as soon as I heard that, I offered to send him a downpayment so that the guitar would be absolutely reserved for me. Godfrey, being the gentleman that he is, told me that a downpayment is no longer necessary and that he’ll hold on to the guitar for me for a month, as a gentleman’s agreement.

music man jp 7

A unique ‘ten out of ten’ instrument, the True Gold Luke is music man jp7 the first exclusive offering through the Music Man Premier Dealer Network. 200 of these instruments exist in the world, with 17 having been allocated to Music Man’s Premier Australian Dealers. Each True Gold Luke is signed by Steve Lukather, showcases the highest level of quality and workmanship inherent to Ernie Ball/Music Man instruments and features a full rosewood neck and new model EMG-X pickups.

music man john petrucci bfr 7





Then my boss wouldn’t let me take some time-off from work sterling 7 string

The bridge on this guitar is not as high-tech as the ones music man jp7 stealth on the EBMMs, but it does the job. Despite having locking tuners, the strings may go slightly out of tune, and that’s with some whammy bar wanking a la Steve Vai. Case candy is the standard 3mm and 1mm Allen (hex) wrenches and a 6 inch long rod for the truss rod adjustment. And, of course, an 2013 SbMM catalogue.

music man jp7 mystic dream

So came January 4th, and I arrived at BGW Guitars. Godfrey music man jp7 stealth took me to an upstairs room and handed me the JP70 to test on an EVH amp, handed him 800SGD (around 2100MYR) a few minutes later then traveled back to PJ on a bus with a grin on my face. And before leaving, Godfrey advised me that they had done a standard setup on the JP70 and strung with new Ernie Ball strings. So that was a bonus.

music man jp7 mystic dream


I’d have gotten the guitar the following weekend but I had prior engagements for all the Saturdays of December, and Godfrey’s store is closed on Sundays. Then my boss wouldn’t let me take some time-off from work, so I had to wait until January 4th to travel to Singapore and pick my JP70 up.



I might consider getting a Tremol-No unit sterling by musicman 7 string

I find it totally amazing how much sh!t I’ve owned musicman 7 string guitar over the years. I’ve gone from simple to uber complicated to simple again… This doesn’t even count the endless stream of boutique amps I’ve “borrowed” over the years (i.e. matchless, BadCat, Dr Z, etc). This list is not in chronological order. Also, some of the models are hazy to me, more of a sign of the state I was in while I owned them than anything.

music man petrucci 7 string

The air compression of Mach 3+ cruising flight generates musicman 7 string very high skin temperatures; therefore this special fuel was needed. The story told by Ben Rich in his book Skunk Works is that a lit match can be dropped in a bucket of JP-7 and the fuel will not ignite, and the match will be extinguished (although this is common in any low-volatility fuel including diesel).

music man petrucci 7


But then again, I’m no Steve Vai so I don’t wank the bar as much. I use it mainly for flutters and some vibrato. Bending and overbending on the strings may also cause it to go out of tune, but also very slight, and very rarely. I might consider getting a Tremol-No unit, but it’s not a life or death necessity for me at this time.



sterling john petrucci 7 string et le son est tres bon et polivalent

Katalina González in a full on live show, showing us the depth musicman jp7 of her musical talent from rock to jazz fusion, awesome stuff! It makes me want to move to a country that respects musicality beyond the frivolous pop pap, and ultimately bland outputs of X Factor.

musicman john petrucci 7

The neck joins the body with a typically EBMM five-bolt musicman jp 7 system, and the intonation adjustment is at the base of the fretboard. The back of the neck is relatively deep but quite flat, positioning your hand perfectly for complex fretting no matter whether you’re attacking the high or low strings. It has higher, squarer shoulders than, say, an Ibanez Wizard neck, but feels a little thinner than an American Deluxe Strat.JP70 Green


musicman bfr 7


couleur noir, tete non peinte, en parfait etat avec flycase musicman, tres tres bonne gratte sincerement, ultra facil a jouer pour une 7 cordes, le vibrato aussi efficace qun floyd, et le son est tres bon et polivalent.

je la vend car jai deux 7cordes et que je prefere en avoir une et investir dans du matos pour mon studio.



Sterling jp 7 shooting with IGuitar Magazine. Details to come

In age we live it is beneficial to get all you can for your shopping musicman jp7 mystic dream dollar. So there is virtually no reason to over pay for a Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci when there are thousands of them for auction on eBay. You also have to consider, eBay is one of the biggest and most trusted online shopping sites in the world.

musicman jp7 bfr

The Blackbirds used approximately 36,000–44,000 pounds musicman jp7 mystic dream (16,000–20,000 kg) of fuel per hour of flight.JP-7 is unusual in that it is not a distillate fuel but is created from special blending stocks in order to have very low

musicman jp7 bfr


Just got back home from the UK, awesome trip. Got to do an interview with Acoustic Guitar Magazine UK, then the 5 date tour, then a day of video shooting with IGuitar Magazine. Details to come. The tour was great, Stuart Master, his music is very intellectual Termin JP-7 jest wymieniony w angielskoj?zycznej Wikipedii. W tamtej wersji j?zykowej wyst?puje pod nazw?: Concert at the Gilberto Alzate Avenda?o



Wich were great for distorted Sounds sterling jp 7 string

This is the Signature Guitar of a very special Member sterling 7 string of the Ernie Ball Family… John Petrucci, former member of the Progressive Rock/Metal Band DREAM THEATER, who is Ernie Ball Music Man Endorser since more than 10 years now. The Ernie Ball Music Man JP7 has a Body made of Basswood, wich were great for distorted Sounds thanks to the excellent resonances. Also the new DiMarzio John Petrucci Signature Pickups, LiquiFire 7 & Crunch Lab 7, were already loaded.

petrucci 7 string

Top mounted nut? Thinner neck carve? Thinner neck finish? petrucci bfr 7 small trem posts? Different tone? The guitar looks good and sounds good, but feels cheaper and is not the same as what they once were. It is a different guitar. If its your fist you will like it, but don’t expect it to match up to the old ones quality or tone. Selling my new one and buying an old one.

petrucci 7


This site is authorized by eBay to help you find the Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci you are looking for and at save you some money over store prices. If you don’t see the exact product you are looking for below. Use the search function on your right to enter the type and model you want.



sterling musicman 7 string Sino ba dito mga MusicMan users


Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci’s Ernie Ball Music Man sterling jp 7 string signature guitar is a real pro-level piece of kit, and one of those sig instruments that is even able to transcend its association with a particular artist and instead become adopted by players at large. Besides Petrucci you can often see them in the hands of Joe Bonamassa and Periphery’s Mark Holcomb, for instance. But the asking price

sterling john petrucci 7 string

Sino ba dito mga MusicMan users? post nyo naman mga sterling jp 7 pictures & their tone/performances in live/recording, Okey I’ll start na lang muna,
Here’s my LUKE BFR Tobacco Burst, I haven’t used it in recording, in live, hanep! hindi ako iniiwanan, binibigay nito ang tunog na kinakailangan ko sa live…

sterling by musicman 7 string


The ERNIE BALL MUSIC MAN John Petrucci JP7 is also loaded with the Custom John Petrucci Music Man? Piezo floating tremolo, wich sounds great and holds the tune perfectly.
The ERNIE BALL MUSIC MAN John Petrucci JP7 in the special finish Mystic Dream comes Incl. Case.