These guitars were clean and crisp john petrucci 7 string

These guitars were clean and crisp and well-created, so Ernie Ball/Music Man music man john petrucci bfr 7 began to come back. To further compete with lower-end instrument sellers, Music Man created the SUB line, which was ultimately discontinued as well. Some well-known Music Man players include Eddie Van Halen, John Fogerty, and Keith Richards – See more at:

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petrucci bfr 7



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I guess they are quite rare john petrucci 7 string guitar

Ernie Ball Music Man get more and more 7 string piezo artists calling them everyday to ask about the HH Albert Lee Model! From Bruno Mars guitarist Kenji Chan to Incubus’s Mike Einziger to The Devil Wears Prada’s Mike Hranica and Nick Diener of The Swellers!!

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Watch the video for more information from Music 7 string music man Man’s Nate Stiff, then click here to find your nearest Music Man dealer and get the latest on this striking instrument! Mahogany PDNs Have Arrived in Australia! Click on the image to find out more about the latest Music Man Premier Dealer Network release, or click here to find a Music Man Premier Dealer near you!

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It could be just a lose connection. It has a master volume so you can crank up the overdrive without deafening your neighbours, it has a really nice overdriven sound as well as a typically bright very clean sound. The speaker has no name on it so I dont know if its the original. I bought this amp back in the late 90’s 2nd hand and Ive only gigged it once or twice since then. Its a great amp for the price,I saw this exact same model in Denmark street marked up for £950.00, I guess they are quite rare.



As far as Cons are concerned I have yet to find any john petrucci 7 string music man

Because The Ernie Ball Axis features two ernie ball 7 DiMarzio Humbuckers it allows for great tonal compatibility. When Paired with any multi effects pedal the Ernie Ball Axis Electric Guitar can take on any genre you wish: with a bassy reverb you can have smooth blues, take a tremolo twang and you have a smooth country tone, or throw some Crunch and Distortion to create a powerful metal punch. The Ernie Ball Axis will make its presence known in any environment. As far as Cons are concerned I have yet to find any. The possibilities are simply endless!

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Hot News from NAMM 2012 is that the Music Man custom 7 strings Premier Dealer Network’s second release – the Gilded White Classic Stingray – is now being finished and readied to ship.Premier Music Man dealers will be receiving their first instruments in February.Visit the Premier Dealer Networkwebsite for more details on this unique instrument or speak to your Music Man Premier Dealer to secure one of these rare instruments now.


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back when Music Man was producing only ernie ball john petrucci 7 string

Of course, when Petrucci or any Music Man–affiliated ernie ball john petrucci 7 string artist does ask for a functional or aesthetic change, Ball and his team—headed by longtime designer and director of research and development Dudley Gimpel and lead engineer Drew Montell—do whatever it takes to make it a reality.Interestingly, back when Music Man was producing only Silhouettes and StingRays, the company had no intention of diving into the signature guitar market.

ernie ball 7 string guitar

Earlier this year saw Music Man announce a new Premier ernie ball 7 strings Dealer Network limited run option across their entire range of instruments. We have chosen to order a Music Man John Petrucci 7 String with matching headstock.The incredible combination of DiMarzio LiquiFire and Crunch Lab pickups make this 7 string an amazing sounding guitar.
Hi, everyone, my name is Vladimir, i am guitarist/song writer/producer from Moscow (Russia). I play guitar for 15 years and work as independent mixing/mastering engineer. My projects include Reign The Absolute

ernie ball 7 string

Though, the guitar features two DiMarzio Humbucker pickups the guitar has great tone ability. The guitar, when purchased, comes with Ernie Ball ,Slinky strings. This allows for the smoothest blues licks to the crunchiest Rock n’ Roll power chords.

Rosewood and ebony fingerboards are music man petrucci 7

New for 2013, the long awaited addition of a Left Hand Model john petrucci 7 string to the John Petrucci Signature Series instruments.The mahogany neck’s color matches whatever body top it is attached to, along with a matching headstock finish. At the neck joint, a comfy sculpt has been carved into the heel to provide easier access to higher frets. Rosewood and ebony fingerboards are available for the previously mentioned necks, respectively.

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Top mounted nut? Thinner neck carve? Thinner neck finish? john petrucci 7 small trem posts? Different tone? The guitar looks good and sounds good, but feels cheaper and is not the same as what they once were. It is a different guitar. If its your fist you will like it, but don’t expect it to match up to the old ones quality or tone. Selling my new one and buying an old one.

ernie ball musicman 7 string


It’s gonna be a pretty long, but also amazing relationship with these guys in years to come. Worked on this really hard in past years, and it’s finally the dream come true…
I have to admit I cried like a baby, and that’s the reason I’m posting this with a small delay :’)


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“The great thing about Music Man is that they john petrucci bfr 7 will stop at nothing in pursuit of fulfilling an artist’s vision,” says Petrucci, who has been a Music Man signature artist since the late Nineties and has an extensive line of JP model guitars to his name. “Sterling and his guys use all of their expertise and resources and experience to get there.”

john petrucci 7 string guitar


Petrucci is the only band member in Dream Theater to have contributed lyrics to every album. He has written lyrics for at least three songs for every single album. John also has produced most of the Dream Theater Albums. Introduced in 2013, the long awaited addition of a Left Hand Model to the John Petrucci Signature Series instruments.



ernie ball john petrucci 7 string located in the chrome-plated, steel bridge

Capping off the accoutrements are two inlays on the ernie ball john petrucci 7 string  fingerboard, a “JP” initial set in a shield on the first fret, and a Ball Family Reserve plaque in the twelfth Hands On Music Man instruments have long been known for their versatility and the Petrucci BFR 6 is no exception; there are a lot of sounds that can be coaxed out of this guitar. Two humbuckers, a Dimarzio Drop Sonic in the bridge and a Dimarzio HH-1 Custom in the neck, can be combined and mixed with an internal piezo system located in the chrome-plated, steel bridge.

ernie ball 7 string guitar

Mono cables through Stereo AND Mono outputs [PIEZO] – My personal ernie ball 7 strings favourite…you can use a splitter box or just split the sound directly and get crisp detail in each note and you have a huge range of tone.Mono cable through Mono output and Stereo cable through Stereo output [PIEZO] – I don’t know if there’s a difference or if I’m SUPPOSED to do this but I find that I like it just as much as two mono cables. Sometimes it does sound like the piezo sounds better.

ernie ball 7 string



music man petrucci 7 mahogany for the koa top models

Plays like a dream and sounds amazing. Top craftsman john petrucci 7 string ship. Is in mint conditon except for one unfortunate ding on the body which can be seen in one of the pics and few scuffs on case nothing major. This guitar is over 2800 on thomann and there is a waiting time. Full details below:

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But before you get to this problem, a lot of work will john petrucci 7 have passed over the lathe bed. Many people can tell you any lathe provides great progress over no lathe. With the press of one button your home can be instantaneously protected. Hard metals such as titanium would most probable ruin the tool before any embossing could take place. Are you going to produce part after part for production purposes?

ernie ball musicman 7 string


Regardless of preference, the look of the guitar exudes class and refinement, with plenty of choices on hand to satisfy the most discerning guitarist. Bolted to the polyester-capped body is comfortable 25 1/2” scale neck that matches the wood option chosen for the body: specially selected maple for the maple top models, or a tobacco-bursted mahogany for the koa top models.



music man petrucci 7 string it’s all there at Music Park

We love to see Music Man represented well at our favourite john petrucci musicman 7 music stores, and WA’s Music Park is no exception. If you’re looking for a top of the line limited edition Dargie Stingray, a Premier Dealer Network Gilded Stingray, or even one of the incredible new $395 S.U.B. series Silhouettes – it’s all there at Music Park.

john petrucci 7 string music man

Para grabar las maquetas que armo en casa con un poco mas john petrucci bfr 7 de calidad. Hasta ahora venia usando la viola con el octavador de la HD500 cosa que es un poco bastante rústica… Por que si me das suficiente tiempo, plata y espacio pienso tener y tocar cuanto instrumento musical ande dando vueltas por ahi… bateria, you are next.

john petrucci 7 string guitar


Music Man began as a company under the control of Leo Fender, but due to conflicts between Fender’s assorted companies, the StingRay and the Sabre (the only electric solid-bodied guitars created by Music Man before the company was bought by Ernie Ball) failed and the company went under. These original models are incredibly difficult to find. Ernie Ball, however, created new lines of guitars: the Silhouette and the extensive Signature series, which thrived on player-endorsements.



All of John’s guitars also come with a Piezo musicman john petrucci 7

The JP6,and JP7 first set of pickups were a tweaked jp7 guitar DiMarzio Air Norton for the neck and a Steve’s Special in the bridge. Later he switched to the D-Sonic for the bridge. Later on DiMarzio released his signature pickups, the Liquifire neck pickup and the Crunch Lab bridge pickup.

jp7 bfr

I’d have gotten the guitar the following weekend but jp7 bfr koa I had prior engagements for all the Saturdays of December, and Godfrey’s store is closed on Sundays. Then my boss wouldn’t let me take some time-off from work, so I had to wait until January 4th to travel to Singapore and pick my JP70 up.


Ernie BallMusic Man  John Petrucci-7 Mystic Dream  Fully Loaded   7-String Electric Guitar
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These come standard on all of John’s guitars except the JP13 and Majesty which has his new custom set of pickups from DiMarzio, the Illuminators. All of John’s guitars also come with a Piezo acoustic pickup, which is built into the bridge. Only the JP6 can be ordered with a Piezo pickup.
Strings: John uses EBMM strings. Right now he uses a 10-46 set on his 6ers and a 10-56 on his 7s. As for type of EBMM string, he typically uses whatever the newer EBMM string set is, eg M-steels.