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This guitar with its endless features will run you john petrucci 7 string guitar about $1,500. But you must take into consideration the tonal freedom and smooth design. With that being said, the Ernie Ball Axis makes the perfect guitar for that musician itching for that special guitar or even someone looking to expand their inventory.

john petrucci 7

A Smoking “10′ They did an awesome job on the fretboard john petrucci 7 string on this one! It “Sings” Since this color can not be ordered anymore my price is as listed. I wouldn’t be selling this if I didn’t need to, as It will be virtually impossible to get this color again. If you wanted this color but missed out before, Here’s your chance! And yes it comes with 6 sets of 10-56 guage EB strings! And of course all case candy! And original shipping box.

009 Ernie Ball Music Man JP6
john petrucci bfr 7


The Music Man Premier Dealer Network’s Second Release Has Been AnnouncedThe Guilded Bass
4 & 5 string. Active & Passive. Passive Tone Knob. 2 band Eq. Matching finished Neck. Gold hardware.200 for the World…. and one of 15 will be coming to a Music Man dealer near you!Speak to your Music Man Premier Dealer secure one of these rare instruments now.



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