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Tool grinders can sharpen spindle gouges as well. Wood petrucci 7 string¬†turning done on a wood lathe can be highly recreational and can be used to give vent to artistic creativity bottled up inside one’s heart and mind. If so it would certainly be a good idea to get a good deal on it.

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As you may know, Bentley is the official distributor¬†petrucci 7¬† of SbMM guitars here in Malaysia. They’re even listed on the official SbMM website. Bentley carries a number of SbMM’s guitar and bass product lines but they don’t carry the JP70, unfortunately.

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So why would anyone ever invest in a cheap lathe? In other words it adds to the enjoyment of an already enjoyable craft. You can for example visit various online stores and check out their prices and shipping policy. Making a wood lathe at home is as easy as it gets provided you get the basics correct. However this is not always possible or reasonable. Woodwork or carving done on a wood lathe is known as woodturning.


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