Fender John Mayer Black

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The original Fender John Mayer Black Ultimate Relic 69 Stratocaster Guitar has a exorbitant price of $8,124, which is not affordable for many guitar players and guitar collectors. Besides, it has a very small production, the limited edition makes it even more rare. Now with long time searching the original materials and comparing, our excellent craftsmen of this instrumental area finally recreated the guitar with their exquisite craftsmanship and attention to details.

Our customized Fender Ultimate Relic 69 Stratocaster Guitar is purely handmade by experienced luthiers, who pursue perfection in handcrafting guitars and treat guitar crafting as a pleasure. Pure hand relic shop like ours is not easy to find in market, let alone with such a low price. Now the price of our customized Fender Ultimate Relic 69 Stratocaster Guitar is only $490, the price is even lower than relic fee only in some shops, definitely a high quality bargain. Above all, our guitar has as beautiful an appearance as the original guitar, as well as the same natural vintage feel as the original guitar. Detailed information below will convince and shock you.

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