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John Mayer Relic Stratocaster

The John Mayer Relic Strat is an exact replica of the Strat that Mayer had made by the Custom Shop in 2004. Mayer first came up with the idea for the guitar while playing Fender’s Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute Stratocaster, a distressed, relic style Strat. While playing the guitar, Mayer fell in love with the way it felt and became fascinated with the idea of a guitar with the vintage, relic look. The John Mayer Relic Strat has a limited edition of only 83 guitars worldwide, but it is famous for being John Mayer’s go-to guitar and experienced incredible popularity.

Fender John Mayer Black

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The original Fender John Mayer Black Ultimate Relic 69 Stratocaster Guitar has a exorbitant price of $8,124, which is not affordable for many guitar players and guitar collectors. Besides, it has a very small production, the limited edition makes it even more rare. Now with long time searching the original materials and comparing, our excellent craftsmen of this instrumental area finally recreated the guitar with their exquisite craftsmanship and attention to details.

Our customized Fender Ultimate Relic 69 Stratocaster Guitar is purely handmade by experienced luthiers, who pursue perfection in handcrafting guitars and treat guitar crafting as a pleasure. Pure hand relic shop like ours is not easy to find in market, let alone with such a low price. Now the price of our customized Fender Ultimate Relic 69 Stratocaster Guitar is only $490, the price is even lower than relic fee only in some shops, definitely a high quality bargain. Above all, our guitar has as beautiful an appearance as the original guitar, as well as the same natural vintage feel as the original guitar. Detailed information below will convince and shock you.

John Mayer limited edition Stratocaster

In order to make the most beat-up, played-in Stratocaster ever seen, and feel like it had been played every night for 40 years, the Music Zoo has partnered with The Fender Custom Shop and created the Ultimate Relic 69 Stratocaster Guitar in 2007. It is absolutely a charming guitar, a guitar that is as comfortable and toneful as the most well-loved and beat-up vintage guitar you have seen with special vibe, that particular feeling that so many vintage, well-played instruments had ever hope to find. Custom Shop veteran John Cruz and guitar building phenom Jason Smith reproduced the Ultimate Relic 69 Stratocaster Guitar with an extraordinary attention to detail and skill. Fender Custom Shop manager Mike Eldred even shot a video about the Ultimate Relic.John Mayer limited edition Stratocaster

have a pointy headstock or a semi-naked ernie ball 7 strings

The initial instruments manufactured by Ernie Ball Music jp7 bfr koa Man were an updated version of the StingRay bass, a design first conceived in the mid Seventies by Leo Fender (with input from Sterling Ball and Tom Walker), and the Silhouette, a streamlined yet versatile six-string that was compact enough to fit into an airplane overhead compartment. Despite its sleek curves, easy playability, and bold tone, the Silhouette was not a hot commodity upon its release. “This was the mid Eighties,” Ball recalls. “When we showed the guitar, people laughed because it didn’t have a pointy headstock or a semi-naked girl airbrushed onto it. It was 10 percent smaller than a standard guitar. People thought, How dare you?”

jp 7 string

JP60LH has all the same features as it’s right hand brother, complete jp7 bfr with a specially tooled Left Hand version of our SBMM Modern Tremolo Bridge.Modern Trem Bridge Accurate intonation, smooth operation and excellent tuning stability highlight the premium SBMM designed Modern Trem Bridge featured on all John Petrucci Signature Series instruments.c pickups, a piezo bridge


009 Ernie Ball Music Man JP6
john petrucci musicman 7



john petrucci musicman 7 body cavity and aluminum lined control cover

The Ernie Ball Axis Electric Guitar is constructed musicman jp7 bfr mainly of maple wood. The neck has an option of a rosewood or maple wood Fret board. The body features basswood with a maple top finish. Holding it all together is a stylish cream binding. With the hardware being protected by a graphite acrylic resin coated body cavity and aluminum lined control cover.

petrucci 7 string

The 22 fret neck features medium select Maple wood sterling john petrucci 7 string with the cut away at the bottom of the neck making it easy to reach those high notes. With the thin neck it allows for a comfortable fit in your hand, this makes for smooth play in even the longest concerts. Being that it is a relatively small guitar, The Ernie Ball Axis Electric Guitar weighs in at a whopping 7lb, 4oz.

petrucci 7


The Music Man JP7 features a solid Basswood body which will look stunning in the new Emerald Green Sparkle finish with matching headstock. The neck however is natural and features Music Man’s gunstock oil hand-rubbed special wax blend finish which feels fantastic in the hand. Hardware on this PDN JP7 includes a Custom John Petrucci MusicMan trem and locking Schaller tuners